About Me

Bonjour !

I’m Jordan, Paris-based photographer and creator of La Presque Parisienne which translates to the almost Parisienne. Even after 8 years of living in Paris, this still describes me. I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of love with this beautiful city of light.

Ever since I first set foot in Paris, I was instantly enamoured with the way of life, the café culture, the decadent buttery croissants, but most of all with the sense of distinctly Parisian magic that weaves its way throughout the city. I knew from the moment I first strolled along the Seine, that I needed to find a way to capture the essence of this incredible city.

Photography for me has always been about more than simply capturing a moment in time, for me a photograph should captivate you, transport you, communicate an indescribable emotion. This is exactly what went through my mind when I started photographing Paris – my goal is and always has been to transmit the magic of this city through my lens.

Whether it be via an editorial photoshoot, images that I’ve created for my fine art print shop, or even content I develop for brands, I endeavour to capture the beauty and magic of Paris and let it shine through my work.  

Your daily dose of Paris,